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8, April

Practitioners Only

AFPA Conference – Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th April 2017 | Guest Speaker: Dr. Yvonne Farrell | Click for more details…

Saturday 8th: 2pm to 6.30 pm;

Sunday 9th: 9.30am to 5.30pm.

Understanding and working with the Eight Extraordinary Vessels provides a valuable way of treating patients who struggle to heal.

Dr. Yvonne Farrell is the author of Psycho-Emotional Pain and the Eight Extraordinary Vessels and joins us to explore the topic of Jing, Shen and the Eight Extraordinary Vessels. The relationship between jing (essence) and shen (spirit) is at the very root of psycho-emotional pain.

This is the relationship that governs the evolution of consciousness. The Eight Extraordinary Vessels address this relationship in a profound and effective way.

Our Speaker

Dr. Yvonne Farrell, DAOM, L.Ac.

In 1996, Dr Yvonne Farrell graduated from Emperors College with a Masters Degree in Chinese Medicine. She was a faculty member at the Emperors College for 13 years. She has been in private practice since 1997.

Specialising in the use of the Secondary Vessels in treatment, Yvonne has been teaching channel theory to students for many years.

She has developed proficiency with these systems because she feels they are very effective in the treatment of psycho-emotional and psycho-spiritual disorders. Yvonne directs her teaching towards the empowerment of students with the hope that they will embody the spiritual aspects of Chinese Medicine and make them their own.

She believes that self-cultivation & self-knowledge are essential in developing capacity as a practitioner of Chinese Medicine. To that end, she has also been on the leadership teams of many spiritual retreats and self- empowerment workshops. In addition to teaching in the master’s programs of two schools, Dr. Farrell has been teaching CEU courses for several years. Her courses are informative and clinically relevant. She is very passionate about the medicine and that is apparent in her teaching.

Yvonne received her Doctoral Degree (DAOM) from Emperor’s College in 2007. In 2009-2010 Yvonne was the Director of a team that was responsible for getting Yo San University’s first DAOM program up and running. Although she has a general practice, her specialties include the treatment of psycho-emotional disorders or stress induced illness.

Learn how to use the Eight Extraordinary Vessels to treat:

  • Depression and anxiety that are not responding to traditional treatment;
  • Trauma: birth, intergenerational, abuse (both physical and mental), addiction and more;
  • Deeply held and counter-productive beliefs (latency created for survival);
  • Lack of body awareness or insight;
  • Resistance to change and self-sabotage;
  • Over-active self-preservation mechanisms: PTSD, hyper-vigilance;
  • Lack of self-esteem, self-loathing and discontent;
  • Any condition physical or emotional that impedes the full expression of Source Qi.

The Eight Extras and their connection to prenatal resources give us the ability to access, on the patient’s behalf, those deeper aspects of Self to provide the opportunities for consciousness that are essential to relieve suffering. This approach benefits not only the psycho-emotional wellbeing but also the physical health, easing the suffering caused by stress-induced illness.

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