Ear-Acupuncture-Detox training with Philippe Pujade

15, November

Ear-Acupuncture-Detox training with Philippe Pujade

Ear-Acupuncture-Detox training with Philippe Pujade, Arbour House, Cork.

Friday 15th November (2:15 pm – 5 pm), Saturday 16th November (9:30 am – 4pm) & Sunday 17th November (9.30 am – 3 pm)


The training covers the basic theory of auricular puncture with 12 hours of practical hand on. A follow up course will evaluate student progression 3 months after course completion.

During the course, I will talk about the theory behind Auricular Puncture and how it supports Patients to get back on their mental and physical recovery. How Acupuncture assist greatly Psychotherapy. How it can support Clients in extreme fragile situations, (homelessness, addiction, criminality and fragile psychological well being).

I will explore also with fellow Acupuncturists and students other practical therapeutical ways in the treatment of physical pain, asthma and urogenital disorders.

My name is Philippe and I am the external T.C.M consultant of Arbour House (H.S. E South) since 2005. Part of my work includes: client detoxification, client maintenance (After Care), harm reduction program, Dual Diagnosis Clients and support for Concerned People.

Auricular Puncture is a part of Arbour House recovery program since 2005. Services Users and Professionals have observed the following:

  • Relaxation
  • Stress Reduction
  • Energy increase
  • Better sleep
  • Greatly reduces cravings
  • Lessens hostility
  • Lessens denial
  • Alleviates withdrawal symptoms
  • Improves attending in group counselling session
  • Self-Empowerment
  • Appetite improvement (for the right food)
  • Helps to Relieve Depression
  • Sense of Purpose
  • Clearer Mind.


Cost is €350.

Telephone contact: 086 3611353

Email address: philippepujade@gmail.com


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