Professional Codes

All AFPA members are expected to abide by the AFPA Code of Ethics which regulates members behaviour and ensures that the patient's best interests are foremost.
By accepting membership of the organisation, members agree to abide by all terms and conditions of membership and agree to accept sanction in the event of breach of the codes.
Members shall at all times conduct themselves in an honourable manner in their relations with their patients, the public, and with other members of the Organisation.
No member may advertise or allow his or her name to be advertised in any way, except in the form laid down by the Organisation.
Members shall not give formal courses of instruction in any TCM therapy without the approval of the Organisation.
It is required that members apply the foregoing code to all their professional activities.
Infringement of the Ethical Code renders members liable to disciplinary action with subsequent loss of privileges and benefits of the Organisation.