AFPA Training Standards

Part 1

3 years is the minimum agreed training standard for the AFPA.

AFPA agreed professional standards for Acupuncture Education and Training in Ireland are informed by established of acupuncture training programmes in the UK, US, Canada, Australia and The World Health Organisation Guidelines for Acupuncture training and HETAC level 7 standards for Complementary Medicine.

Part 2

The criteria for meeting AFPA standard of Acupuncture Training Courses:

  • 1. Policy
  • 2. Legal Organisation
  • 3. Institutional Management
  • 4. Academic Administration
  • 5. Records
  • 6. Staffing
  • 7. Learning Resources
  • 8. Institutional Resources
  • 9. Finance
  • 10. Publications

Educational Policy

  • 11. Goal

Educational Programme

  • 12. Admissions
  • 13. Programme of Study
  • 14. Assessment
  • 15. Evaluation

Part 3

  • 16. Essential Competences & Standards
  • 17. Continued Professional Development

AFPA Academic Standards for Acupuncture Training

Colleges / Learning Providers must meet this agreed minimum standard with the following academic criteria to meet AFPA standards for acupuncture training courses.

AFPA requirement for Acupuncturists is that training programmes meet the professional requirements as agreed by the Board and the membership so that their graduates can meet the agreed professional practice requirements.

AFPA Professional Standards

Essential Competences & Standards 

Professional acupuncturists should meet the following criteria on completion of their training, incorporating all learning outcomes, in order to achieve the agreed professional standard of AFPA for membership and practice. (HETAC Level 7 standards for complementary medicine refer to these).

They should have an integrated knowledge, understanding and a systematic approach to care within the domain of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.