AFPA Professional Standards

Essential Competencies & Standards

Professional acupuncturists should meet the following criteria on completion of their training, incorporating all learning outcomes, in order to achieve the agreed professional standard of AFPA for membership and practice. (HETAC Level 7 standards for complementary medicine refer to these).

They should have an integrated knowledge, understanding and a systematic approach to care within the domain of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

They should be able:

1. To demonstrate

  • An expertise in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine skills, competencies, holistic treatments, ethics and best practice in the treatment of their patients
  • An ability to assess, diagnosis and determine a treatment plan in carrying out Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine treatments, recording and evaluating such treatments.
  • An expertise in the holistic treatment of their patients, interpersonal communication, clinical management according to best practice guidelines
  • An ability to analyse sources of information critically, evaluate values, assumptions, statements of evidence in their own work and that of others.

2. To identify

  • How skills and self study can support individual practice and the practice of others by working collaboratively
  • Personal and professional development needs and address these needs

3. To recognise the limitations to current competence and to seek guidance in situations beyond experience or competence

4. To seek and understand sources of evidence to underpin complementary therapy interventions

5. To act professionally in a range of practice settings

6. To analyse existing research and conduct research in the complementary therapy field.

7. To take direction, accept criticism and use feedback to enhance own practice

Continued Professional Development

AFPA guidelines on Continued Professional Development as agreed by the Board are available on this website as is the AFPA core curriculum.